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Hands-On Tech
Workshops for Teens

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  • Our Hands-On Tech Workshops are designed for teens 12-16.

    • Younger kids may attend if accompanied by an adult.

  • Activities are designed to allow students to apply their knowledge of scientific concepts to design/build/use various technology-based devices and techniques.

Each tech workshop consists of a review of the concepts being applied followed by exploratory learning activities.

  • Basic designs and approaches are provided as a starting point

  • Students are expected to follow the design instructions in order to create a working first build

  • Based on initial results and student understanding of concepts, students will explore changes/improvements

Topics covered include:

Computers                        Electric Motors                Electromagnets            Galvanometers                Programming                   Robotics

Speakers                            Structures

Tech workshops are taught by Kevin Sherman, BSEE

Kevin has worked as electrical and system engineer for over 40 years at Motorola and General Dynamics. He has been an engineering mentor with eCrew (Boys and Girls Club program for junior high) for over 10 years.

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