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Hands-On Science

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  • Our Hands-On Science Workshops are designed for kids 8-14.

    • Younger kids may attend if accompanied by an adult.

  • Activities are designed to promote a working understanding of the concept being taught.

  • Students are encouraged to explore beyond the requirements of the activity when time allows.

Each science workshop consists of an introduction to the concept followed by exploratory learning activities

•  The scientific method steps of “Hypothesis, Test, and Results”             are followed for each science activity.

•  Activity worksheets are used to record findings.

•   Students work in teams of 2 or 3

     – Teams can be parent/child or student/student

Topics covered include:

Electricity                 Gears              Light                    Magnetism

Magnification         Matter             Physics               Simple Machines

Static Electricity

Science workshops are taught by Trudy Sherman, Ph.D.

Dr. Sherman has degrees in electrical engineering and computer science. She has been teaching hands-on science in Montessori and charter schools for over 30 years

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