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Hands-On Math

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  • Our Hands-On Math Workshops are designed for kids 8-14.

    • Younger kids may attend if accompanied by an adult.

  • Activities are designed to promote mastery of the concept being taught.

  • Each activity progresses naturally to provide challenges for those that are ready for more advanced applications of the concept.

Each math workshop consists of an introduction to the concept followed by exploratory learning activities.

  • Manipulatives and measurement tools are used to help students visualize the concepts.

  • Data from science activities is often used to illustrate how math concepts might be applied.

  • Worksheets are used to record work.

Topics covered include:

Comparisons            Fractions                  Geometry

Graphs                        Ratios                         Sets

Math workshops are taught by Jennifer Sherman, MA Ed, MS Ed

Jennifer has a bachelor's degree and two master's degrees in education. She has been a teacher and principal.

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